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Row of Dannebrog Flags

Dannebrog is the name of the Danish flag.

The flags are handmade, sewn in red cotton with white crosses. There are approximately 2 flags per meter. The flags are 17 cm/6.7 inch*22 cm/8.7 inches in size. Included is a 50 cm/19.7 inches tie string at either end.

In Denmark, flags like these are used as decorations for celebrations and holidays such as birthdays and Christmas anywhere in the house for example on the Christmas tree. 

You can wash the flag in the washing machine by 30ºC/86ºF.

1 meter = 1,0936 yards


Dannebrog Festoon

Dannebrog is the name of the Danish flag.

Festoon of Dannebrog flags made of red wool felt with white crosses. The flags measure appr. 8 cm/3 inches from the string to the peak. There are appr. 5 flags per meter.

The entire festoon of 10 flags measures 2.60 meters/2.8 yards inclusive 35 cm/13.8 inches tie string at both ends.

1 meter = 1,0936 yards

nissemors hue.JPG

Pixie Mom's Christmas Hat

Pixie Mom's Christmas Hat is made of red cotton twill fabric, decorated with small white stars on the bottom edge and an elastic band on the bag of the hat.

Size 2: 53 - 56 cm/20.9 - 22 inches

Size 3: 56 - 60 cm/22 - 23.7 inches

Machinewash on gentle program.


Christmas Pixie Hat

Christmas Pixie Hat in red cottonvelor with flax lining in different color for turning inside out. There are many color combinations you can choose from. Ask after the colors you want.

Size 1: 50 - 53 cm/19.7 - 20.9 inches

Size 2: 53 - 56 cm/20.9 - 22 inches

Machinewash on gentle program.